For Bond Cleaning On The Gold Coast – Preferred Cleaning Services Has You Covered

       The stress of moving can be very overwhelming especially when work, business or family commitments are present. Preferred Cleaning Services provide a professional and friendly service, giving piece of mind and allowing you to spend your precious time on more important things during the move or move in process. Our operators are on time, professional and accurate every time.

This type of cleaning service can add value to your home prior to selling – Or can make the new owner that much more confident in knowing a professional clean has occurred prior to moving in. Contact us today to discuss a complete cleaning service for your Gold Coast property.

We can tailor a bond clean clean package consisting of some or all of the following cleaning services to your home, duplex or unit with the Gold Coast’s most competitive pricing structure.

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The following list is a complete summary of our bond cleaning services. Individual services may include some or all of these items with the only limitation being the time required to preform such tasks. More time onsite translates to more cleaning and a better result depending on the starting condition. Discuss your particulars needs with us today!

All Ceilings & Ceiling Fans

  • Remove all cobwebs with a dry dust cloth
  • Remove any dirt or marks from ceiling
  • Wash clean the ceiling fans (include top and sides)
  • Exhaust fans – cleaned by removing from ceiling and washing in hot soapy water

Windows & Screens Including Screen Doors

  • All windows inside and out, screens, and screen doors to be cleaned thoroughly. NOTE: Window screens are removed from the inside only to prevent damage to frames.
  • Glass to be streak free
  • Clean all window tracks and sills (to be done after cleaning the windows and screens)

Walls & Doors

  • All walls, including the garage  free of marks, grime, dust and cobwebs.
  • All doors wiped over front, back and edges, to be free of dust, grime and any marks.
  • All skirting tiles and skirting boards wiped cleaned


  • Check for blown globes and advise tenant/vendor
  • Remove glass covers and wipe clean free of bugs and dirt.

Smoke Detectors

  • Smoke detectors cleaned and operational. (Correctly connected with battery installed)

Powerpoints & Light / Fan Switches

  • Wiped clean of all dirt and grease (top and surrounds of the points & switches)


Blinds & Air Conditioner

  • Vertical blinds and tracking systems wiped clean completely, including top of rail.
  • Venetian Blinds to be dusted. (in some instances a blind cleaning specialist may need to be used if blinds are outside the general scope of bond cleaning)
  • Air Con unit cleaned, including the washing of filter assemblies.


  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Basin and bath cleaned
  • Shower recess tiles and glass cleaned (in some instances heavy mould will require re grouting or a specialist grout cleaner if beyond general scope of bond cleaning)
  • Toilet cleaned and sanitised


  • Cupboards and drawers cleaned
  • Sink cleaned
  • Benches cleaned
  • Oven cleaning
  • Splash back cleaned



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Deciding to do your own bond clean ? We have a lot of customers call to ask questions regarding doing a bond clean themselves. While it can be tricky we are happy to provide some advice for the DIYér

The average bond clean takes between 10-15 hours. We understand most people simply don’t have the spare time to perform such a task. It’s important to realise that a bond clean expected to guarantee return of your bond cannot be performed in under 10 hours. Some houses present unforeseen challenges such as dog hair, walls beyond cleaning, excessive stained surfaces such as blinds or grout and houses that are not empty yet.

The first thing is to ensure all furniture and belongings have been removed from the house. This creates a clean canvas or working environment.

At this stage we prefer to go around and clean the exterior windows (note – not all bond cleans include exterior windows)

Now we are ready to attack the inside. Ideally start at the furthermost room working back to the exit whether it be the front door or in most cases the garage.

Have everything you will need at your ready such as vacuum cleaner, chamois, microfiber cleaning cloth x 2, all purpose alkaline cleaner, bleach, squeegee, gloves, duster and bucket of water. You can imagine if all this was not at your disposal while your at the furthermost part of the home there would be a lot of trips back and forward wasting precious time.

Each room should be completed 100% before moving to the next. The reason for this is it’s easier to monitor time as apposed to performing each task in every room before the next. It also saves foot travel time.

General rule is to start from the top to the bottom. Example: start with the ceiling followed by fans, walls, power points, cupboards, windows, tracks, carpets are always last. Of course bathrooms and kitchens will have a more extensive list. Working in this manner becomes methodical therefore you are less likely to miss things.