House cleaning service Gold Coast. We specialize in bond and spring home cleaning. Preferred are the accurate cleaners catering for both domestic and commercial contract cleaning.


Best House Cleaning Tips

At Preferred, we just love to help. Whether it’s existing clients or just providing advice. We really pride ourselves on being a one stop cleaning solution on the Gold Coast. Below are a list of cleaning tips compiled by our Director Carl.

*  To help stop bathroom mirrors steaming up, regularly rub a dry bar of soap over the surface and rub in with a clean dry microfiber cloth.   Alternatively rainex (automotive product) is another great option twice a year.

* Polishing a marble bench top with car polish leaves a thin, invisible film that helps reduce the risk of stains and aids in cleaning. Ideally an oil based polish should be used

* Light a match and blow it out to remove those nasty toilet smells. Everyone loves the smell of a lit match too

* Cleaning the bottom of an iron has never been easier, try this. Sprinkle some salt on the ironing board and iron back and forth.

* Cleaning as you go during cooking will greatly reduce the amount of clutter at the end of the cooking session. You’ll be more likely to have a clean work bench and kitchen if you clean as you go.

* To help save on electricity do most of your cleaning with cold water (except for towels, bed sheets and underwear)

* Olive oil is a great way of removing sticky residue marks from stickers, double sided tape etc.

* We’ve all heard the bi carb soda odour removal trick. Well not in all scenario’s however placing some in a container in your fridge definitely does remove old food odours.

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House Cleaning Gold Coast

Enjoy the Benefits of a Professional House Cleaning Service on the Gold Coast

Preferred Cleaning Services understands that having a job, a family to care for and all your other commitments eat away at your spare time. It’s little wonder then, that cleaning your entire house on your time off is not a priority. Rather than letting the dirt and dust accumulate in your home, why not hire professional help? We’ve made that choice a little easier for you, our team of experienced Home cleaners have everything you need to get the job done properly. From portable shampoo machines for your carpets and rugs, hospital grade disinfectants and detergents to eco-friendly cleaning products for those looking for a chemical free approach. But most of all, our team has the experience and motivation to get the job done right. Our team is trained to the highest industry standards. You will be impressed with our levels of professionalism and enjoy relaxing in your sparkling clean home with more time to spend with family and friends.

Our comprehensive range of House Cleaning Services includes:

Deep cleaning of Carpets & Rugs
Thorough cleaning of Curtains & Blinds
Cleaning of Walls, Eaves & Sills
Sanitising & Safeguarding your Toilets & Bathrooms against Germs, Mould and Decay.
Comprehensive clean of Kitchen, Fridges & Ovens

As part of our complete house cleaning service we will freshen up your entire home, dealing with all those pesky jobs you don’t have time for. Preferred Cleaning Services fully qualified technicians will efficiently deep clean your house from bedroom to bathroom, removing all traces of lime-scale and restoring grout. Our team will disinfect, polish and mop floors and tiles. We will remove grubby hand marks from walls, clean doors and light switches. Window […]

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Post Event Cleaning Gold Coast



Preferred Cleaning Services provide post event cleaning of all types including cleaning after parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and many other occasions to all Gold Coast suburbs.

Our special events services include:

Cleaning and preparing the floors of the event area
Detailed cleaning and dusting of all surfaces
Cleaning and disinfecting of food preparation and serving areas upon completion of event, if required
Cleaning of entry ways and common areas
Cleaning and refreshing of washrooms
Facility cleaning in accordance with facility requirements
Table breakdown and chair stacking
Decor removal and packing
Party rental equipment packing
After-event clean-up, including disposal of all trash and recycling into appropriate containers, cleaning floors, chairs, tables, common areas, washrooms and touch-point surfaces

After Wedding Clean Up

You’ve put so much time, effort and money into your wedding so we appreciate that you just want to enjoy your perfect day and forget about the cleaning up afterwards. This is where Preferred Services comes in. Our professional operators will take care of décor pull down, rental furniture packing, recycling and garbage clean up. Call today to enquire about our pricing structure which provides great value for money.

Community Event / Car Show Clean Up

Showgrounds and parks are large area’s and with the requirements of clean surroundings in mind we cater for pre event preparation including grounds or landscape maintenance and post event cleaning. If washroom facilities are present we have those covered too. In fact Preferred are your partner for all event cleaning and preparation needs.

Although we specialize in house cleaning on the Gold Coast there is no job too big or small.


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Window Cleaning Gold Coast

For Friendly, Affordable and reliable window cleaning on the Gold Coast call Preferred Cleaning Services. We cater for houses, units, multi level homes and offices up to 2 stories.

General procedure for window cleaning on domestic or commercial windows

Firstly washing the outside of the windows and surrounds including the screens and sills with a hose which cleans the fly screen of excess dirt and dust. Usually while we are doing this we will wash down the eves to give a complete finish.
once rinsed we then squeegee the exterior window with a double sided tool which will remove glass contaminants and give a clear crisp finish.
lastly the inside windows are cleaned with a squeegee as well. it’s surprising how much grime is actually on the inside of the windows.We also provide Solar Panel cleaning with gentle procedures to restore the efficiency of your solar unit. Call Preferred today and allow us to tailor a quote to your specific needs.

We recommend getting your windows cleaned every 6 months generally or sooner for promotional homes, sales offices, retail, restaurants etc.

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