We are the Preferred choice for Pre & Post Property Sale Cleaning on the Gold Coast

Buying or Selling a Property?

Let us improve the value of your property before selling by cleaning and presenting your property. A clean home is more appealing to buyers so call us today to arrange a quote to have your property professionally cleaned.

Preferred Cleaning Services provide professional cleaning to the domestic cleaning sector across the entire Gold Coast. We can clean floors and hard surfaces, carpets, windows, kitchens & bathroom etc.

We have a minimum 3 hour spring cleaning package that you can tailor to suit your exact requirements.

If you are looking for a locally owned company that;

  • Has professional and passionate team members who realises the importance of a personalised service
  • Strives to meet your expectations in terms of quality of workmanship, value and results
  • Provides solutions for multiple tasks; interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control & rubbish removal
  • Strives for 100% customer service at all times

Spring Cleaning is our profession. We provide our expert cleaning services to the industry sector encompassing varied professional and home offices. We have the skill and resources available to tackle any cleaning requirement. Having a clean and tidy environment for your clients, customers and family is paramount.

Our expanding reputation is based on initiative and drive plus quality control, and most importantly, our ability to communicate promptly with our valued clients.

Preferred Cleaning Services are the Spring Cleaning and Pre & Post Sale Cleaning professionals on the Gold Coast.

In addition to cleaning, The National Association of Realtors has compiled a short list below of the 10 most effective tips anyone can do to prepare their property for sale.

Priority #1 – The Kitchen

The kitchen is the single most important room for most prospective home buyers. If you don’t have the funds to do a complete kitchen overhaul, don’t despair. For just $1,000 you can make some significant changes that will have home buyers doing a double-take, such as:

  • Refacing or refinishing your cabinets. Refacing involves replacing your cabinet doors but leaving the actual cabinets (boxes) intact. Depending on the size of your kitchen you can get it done for about $1,000 professionally or if you’re willing to undertake a little “DIY” work you can do it for less. It’s a quick and much less expensive way of getting “new” cabinets without the big demolition work (and big price tag) of brand new cabinets.If you have wood cabinets you could refinish them instead by simply stripping the old paint or varnish and applying new. For just a couple hundred dollars (plus some elbow grease to sand and paint or stain) you’ll get a whole new look.
  • Changing out the counter-tops. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may be able to swing new granite counter-tops with a $1,000 budget (you can find them as low as $40 per square foot on sale or at an outlet).
  • Painting the room. With a gallon of paint covering approximately 350 square feet and running an average of $25, if you throw in the cost of brushes, tape, primer, etc. it could cost you as little as $75 to repaint a kitchen with 700 square feet of wall space.
  • Upgrading appliances. Switching to energy-efficient Energy Star appliances will not only improve your kitchen’s appearance, it will also save you (and future owners) money on your monthly utility bills.
  • Updating accessories. Small changes like replacing outlet covers, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can give your kitchen an entirely different look and feel. When you consider that the average kitchen can be upgraded with new accessories for as little as $150, it’s a no-brainier for your small remodelling budget.
  • Tiling the floor. Ceramic tile is the flooring preference for today’s home buyer. If you have a small or moderate sized bathroom you may be able to find discounted tiles that you can install yourself (many tiling stores and home improvement centres offer free weeknight or weekend courses) for as little as $1 -$2 per square foot.

Priority #2 – Bathrooms
After kitchens, bathrooms are a home buyer’s biggest concern. The good news here is that, according to the nationwide home improvement contractor ReliableRemodeler.com, bathroom renovations typically realize a homeowner an 80-90% return on their investment. A clean, neat and tidy modern bathroom can significantly increase your home’s appear which translates into increased value.

Tiling the floor

Upgrading the vanity and sink

Add freestanding cabinets for storage

Priority #3 – Crank Up the Curb Appeal
Small changes outdoors can really boost your home’s curb appeal for a potential buyer. Here’s where your $1,000 budget can create the biggest impact:

  • Add a deck. If you’re a handy guy or gal, or you have friends that fall into that category, consider building a wood deck to add to your home’s outdoor living space. If you’re not looking at a mammoth-sized deck you should be able to purchase the lumber, tools and supplies for less than a grand.
  • Replace the lawn. HGTV suggests that if you can get the job done for your $1,000 budget, ripping up your existing lawn and replacing it with sod will positively impact your home’s value. Just don’t forget to water!
  • Pretty up the entranceway. Draw buyers to your front door with attractive planters, flowers and a hardwood bench or set of chairs and a small patio table. Line the walkway with a border of perennial plants or simple lighting fixtures.

Priority #4 – Get Efficient
Use your $1,000 budget to make a smart and eco-friendly investment in your home such as:

  • Going tankless. Installing a tankless hot water heater for $150-$1,000 (depending on size) is an attractive energy-efficient upgrade for today’s homeowners and buyers…and it will save you between 10-20% on your utility bills monthly.
  • Installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans aren’t just decorative – they’re an easy way to reduce your overall energy consumption during hot summer months.

Not sure where to start? Hire an interior designer for a flat hourly fee to get some professional advice or ask a local realtor to walk through your home and give his/her opinion of the best renovations you could make given your local market.