Take a look at some of the cleaning examples that we at Preferred Cleaning Services can do for you:

Waste Bin Before

Waste Bin After

Mould Removal on this wall: Before & After Mould Removal Before & After

We can also do simple handyman tasks for you … Including updating your Kitchen Taps! Kitchen Taps #1

How bright is the light in your Oven?Oven Light Cover #2

It would have to be brighter after we clean it!Oven Light Cover #1

This kitchen sink was in average condition after a kitchen renovation:Kitchen sink makeover #0

A detailed treatment with a combination of products & techniques: Kitchen sink makeover #1

A light buff and polish to reveal a mirror like finish: Kitchen sink makeover #2

The final product – Looks brand new! – Our client was so happy with the result:Kitchen sink makeover #4

This BBQ has been given a new life – The results speak for themselves. Also new grill plates on the inside:BBQ Clean #1

We fully remove light fittings and thoroughly clean inside and out:We remove all light fittings

After we have cleaned the light fitting – we carefully replace it:Then clean them and refit them

Our client was about to replace the ceramic pan on this toilet – until our team cleaned it back to new!House Cleaning #5

We also do general waste removal – this storage space was in need of a clean up:Genral Rubbish Cleanups Before

Genral Rubbish Cleanups After

We clean, tidy and organise your home – let us do a spring clean for you today! House Cleaning #4

The light reflection on these tiles are brilliant!House Cleaning #3

This cinema room is clean and tidied ready to enjoy by our client:House Cleaning #2

Beautifully vacuumed carpet and floor covering:House Cleaning #1

Genral Rubbish Cleanups Before #3

Genral Rubbish Cleanups After #3

Genral Rubbish Cleanups Before #2

Genral Rubbish Cleanups After #2

Carpet Cleaning #2

Carpet Cleaning #3

A coat of ‘Pot Belly Black’ on this fireplace made it come up looking fresh! An indoor fireplace; After our team leader Gary; repainted it for our client; Well Done Gary! ...

Our carpet cleaning team making old carpet look new!Carpet Cleaning #5

Carpet Cleaning #1

Before bin clean

Before bin clean #2

After bin clean #2

After bin clean

AC Air Filter #1

Before oven clean:Before oven clean

During oven clean:After oven clean

Finished oven clean:Finished product! ...

Window shutters – We can make them look brand new!
This blind & shutters are looking beautifully clean


This bathroom is an example of the standard we clean:
This bathroom is a clear example of our quality of work

Kitchen shelves look like new:
Pantry cupboards and shelves look brand new

Kitchen drawer clean out:
Kitchen drawers and liners are cleaned

Kitchen pantry is now looking brand new:
Inside cupboards are cleaned to a high standard

Bedroom mirror is spotless!
Beautifully clean mirror on this wardrobe

The tops of these kitchen cupboards have never been done:
Above Kitchen Cupboards Before

Until we were called in to clean them:Above Kitchen Cupboards After
Thank-you for taking the time to view our Photo Gallery …

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