Terms & Conditions – Preferred Cleaning Services QLD

PLEASE NOTE: By engaging our services you agree to our terms and conditions as stated below. If you wish to have further clarification on any of these items prior to making a booking with us – just call us. Our terms and conditions may change from time to time so we recommend that you check below to make sure you are aware and accepting of these Terms & Conditions before you engage our services.

Preferred Cleaning Services QLD is referred to as ‘we, our or us’ in this document.

The party who we provide our services to are referred to as the ‘client’ in this document.


We accept payments for our cleaning services via cash or credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. We do not accept AMEX, Diners Club or any other credit card. All credit card transactions are subject to a 1 per cent (1%) credit card processing fee. We do not accept any form of cheque. Once payment for our services has been received, we will send an email receipt to the clients nominated email address.

Power & Hot Water:

Please ensure we have access to household power and hot water whilst we are conducting our cleaning service. We reserve the right cancel any booked jobs once we arrive onsite without either. This may result in a $35 travel fee upon the discretion of Management at the time.

Vacant Possession:

When conducting a move-out or bond type clean; we need the property to be completely vacant at the time of our cleaning service. Part furniture (with the exception of a furnished property) remaining in a property won’t allow us to properly clean in and around such items. Moving of furniture from a property during the cleaning process may prolong the cleaning process if our teams are required to work around such.

Entry Condition Reports: 

As per the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) the Entry condition report (ECR) (Form 1a) is the official record of the state of the rental property when a tenancy begins and it may be used as evidence in a dispute about the bond or the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy agreement.

This document is essential to accurately describe the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy agreement and gives Preferred Cleaning Services a benchmark by which to return the property.

For example if an oven in a property was noted as being only moderately clean on this report, then the tenant would only be required to return that oven to the state it was in upon the beginning of the tenancy.

Without this report, Preferred Cleaning Services would be required to return the oven to the cleanest possible standard, which would take longer than if it were simply a more basic clean. This naturally translates to a higher cleaning cost. It is vital for an accurate and concise ECR to be provided to us in hard or soft copy prior to the commencement of the clean, to use as a tool & / or guide to efficiently execute our cleaning tasks.

Any or all exclusions in terms of cleaning must be clearly noted on the ECR. This means that if certain cleaning items were not up to standard upon the start of the tenancy if there is no account of such on the ECR we will need to clean each and every item back to a bond clean standard. This will again translate to further time and a higher cleaning cost.

With an accurate ECR on a property that had previous cleaning issues it will reduce the cleaning time and therefore the cost to the client.

Call Back Service:

We don’t use deceptive terms like ‘bond back guarantee‘ or ‘bond refund warranty‘.

We will however return free of charge to a property that we have previously cleaned to remedy any cleaning items we were tasked with so long as the following conditions are met:

Bond / move-out / exit cleans that have had a minimum completion time of 10 hours.

The agent or property manager identifies areas that were missed in the scope of our cleaning; we require an exit condition report (or ECR) to be emailed to us at info@preferredcleaningservices.com.au no later than 5 business days from the day of the original cleaning job.

We will then have our team return to the property at the next available timeslot to remedy the cleaning items for up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Any time further to this is deemed as being extra time that should have been or will need to be paid for additionally by the client. Access to the property will be required on the day of our return. Any key collection as a result of a call back will be subject to a $35 collection / return fee as stated below.

Therefore we suggest to our clients that a booking for our bond / move-out / exit cleaning service occur either one or two days prior to the lease expiring. Therefore the agent can conduct their ECR and if any cleaning issues are identified; we can be advised in the above stated time and have it rectified.

Key Collection & Return:

We offer a key collection and return service for clients who are unavailable on the day of the clean to allow us access. We can also collect or return keys to a property manager or agent if they are not onsite. For this service we charge $35. Keys being collected / returned to & from an onsite manager at the same premises will be done so free of charge.

Further Cleaning Time:

Our hourly rate quoting structure is designed to give our clients the best possible outcomes in the shortest possible timeframe. If you request 3 hours of cleaning; we charge you for 3 hours of cleaning. Upon the time of booking we can provide a quote or estimate the time required to conduct various cleaning services; however this is only an estimate and actual times may vary if you require a full move-out or bond type clean. Upon arrival on site, the cleaner may deem that the estimated amount of time may or may not be sufficient to complete the job by the client. Variations to quotes or estimates can occur. In this instance, we need to re-negotiate an updated completion time. Any further time to finish / complete / update or redo any work will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Non-Compete of Cleaning Staff:

Our staff are contracted by us to perform the duties required for the purposes of cleaning for our clients. In no way can a client either directly or indirectly engage the services of our staff other than via Preferred Cleaning Services QLD for a period of 12 months from the day of our service. We may suffer consequential and financial loss as a result of our staff being employed directly by our clients.


We conduct our cleaning services with the utmost of care however sometime accidents or situations can occur which are out of our control. We cannot be held liable for breakages, damages or items that have been misplaced that may occur as a result of our cleaning functions whilst engaged by the client. Furthermore, when conducting a bond / exit or move-out type clean; in order to do our job correctly, any items (cleaning products, personal hygiene items, food items etc) will need to be removed by the property owner / tenant / landlord prior to our cleaning service. There may be times where miscellaneous items that may remain in the property during our cleaning session will be disposed of accordingly.

Cancellation of jobs:

We understand that from time to time; our clients may wish to cancel their booking with us. We require a minimum 24 hours notice to cancel a booked job prior to the time and day of the booking without attracting any surcharge. If the client wishes to cancel a job under 24 hours before the booking time and day; a surcharge of $35 will be charged to their nominated credit card. We reserve the right to cancel any booked job once we arrive on site if we deem the job to be over and above what was initially agreed upon at the time of booking; falls outside of the scope of what is reasonably required in terms of cleaning; an unsafe working environment for us; or any factors in which we deem unsuitable to obtain the best possible outcome for us or our client. In these situations we do not charge any fee if this were to occur.


We do not offer refunds. We charge for our time, therefore we cannot after the fact, offer a refund for that time. In line with consumer law as specified by Fair Trading Queensland, we will offer a remedy in the form of a return service free of charge as specified in the ‘Call Back Service’ clause above that form part of our Terms and Conditions.

Our core business principle is to strive for the best possible outcomes in every situation we are presented with.

UPDATED: 28th of February, 2017.